How job interview?

Tips for a successful interview Be on time. Know the name, spelling and pronunciation of the interviewer. Prepare some questions of your own in advance. Bring several copies of your resume.

Carry a reliable pen and a small notepad with you. Greet the interviewer with a handshake and a smile. Below is a list of 10 common job interview questions, along with answering techniques that will help you dazzle your prospects and, hopefully, land you the position you want. Your answer should be based on the research you've done on the company culture and the position in question.

Make sure that your story has a good beginning, a fascinating central part and an ending that makes the interviewer support you to win the job. But if you don't realize that you have a clear idea of the company and why you're hiring, the interviewer can only conclude that you don't care that much about the job. If Steve works for the company and suggested that you apply for the position, explain why he thought you would be the perfect person. In the story, he interweaves how his academic background and his passion for the subject or industry in which the company specializes, combined with his work experience, make him an excellent choice for the job.

When you answer this question, highlight your best personality traits and how they fit the requirements of the job. After getting my first job as a front-end programmer, I continued to invest time in mastering interface and back-end languages, tools and frameworks.

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