How to prepare for a job interview with your current employer?

How to prepare for an internal interview Rewrite your resume. You probably haven't edited your resume since you got your current job. Don't shy away from past mistakes. Researching any position or company before an interview takes job seekers a long way and sets them up for success.

Demisha Jennings, who is a professional strategist and certified resume writer, suggests that you start preparing for your internal interview by communicating with other colleagues. As an employee and candidate, you must take charge of the job search process at all levels, including interviews. No matter how prepared you are for this new position or how well the interview went, you don't have the position yet. However, experts say that you should prepare both for internal interviews and if it were a person outside the organization.

In addition to doing basic research on the internal position (before the interview), you should attend the interview and be prepared. One of the challenges people face when interviewing internally with a company is figuring out how to introduce themselves to hiring managers who already know them. Preparing for an interview is an exciting time, especially if you're doing it at your current company. Remember that if you were to interview with another company, you would definitely try to look your best.

As a candidate, you should treat this internal job interview the same way you would with a completely new organization. Once again, an interview, internal or external, is your time to shine and clearly express what exactly makes you best for the position. While it may sound cliché to say that you have to prepare, many people don't do it when it comes to an internal interview because they feel like they already have it in their bag.

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