What is your current job interview answer?

This is a common interview question that seems deceptively simple. We're here to guide you in answering: “Describe your current position as a professional.” If this is the reason you left a job, it's useful to give some examples of why the new structure doesn't work for you, what you've done to try to improve things, and what you would change if everything were up to you. The interviewer will surely ask you for more information about Josh's approach and any obstacles encountered. The most effective and acceptable reasons for leaving your current job are positive, not negative, and relate to moving forward in your life or career.

Ivana currently works as a pizza delivery person and is interviewing for the position of delivery guy at Amazon. While “Describe your current position” isn't considered a particularly difficult question to answer in the interview, you should remember to be brief, clear, and highlight your achievements. It's a specific question about your current position or your very recent job responsibilities, so the details should be easy to remember and articulate. Unless the job description specifically states that the company offers excellent opportunities for growth, rephrase this answer so that you are not asking for something that the employer cannot offer.

This question is much easier to answer than the most common interview opening: “Tell me about yourself. Well, obviously someone read your resume and determined that you were qualified enough to call for an interview. If you left your current position because you were disappointed with your career advancement prospects, your new employer may be concerned that this may be the case in your new position. It's best to avoid falling into the trap of discussing details about compensation, mismanagement, company finances, poor morale, or any other negative aspect of the job.

Once in the Practice section of the software, you'll see the list of interview questions on the left and you can answer them all from 1 to 10 or move on to a particular question that you'd like to practice.

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