What job interview questions and answers?

Below is a list of 10 common job interview questions, along with answering techniques that will help you dazzle your prospects and, hopefully, land you the position you want. For example, if you found out about the job through a friend or professional contact, name that person and then share why you were so excited about the work. If you manage to get the job done in 2 hours instead of 5, with the same end result, you're doing a smart job. Explain why your old job simply wasn't for you and why the job you're applying for is much more interesting.

The key here is to mention a real weakness, but not something that prevents you from doing your job. After selecting your strengths, test it with a situation or story that demonstrates how you've used them to benefit you at work. In general, the motivation behind this question is for the interviewer to assess whether you are an ambitious person or not and whether you have realistic expectations for your career. The Muse is a value-based career site that helps people explore all aspects of their careers and to seek work in companies whose people, benefits and values are aligned with their unique professional needs.

You may have heard the popular idea that there are no right or wrong answers to job interview questions. Depending on the search point you are at, you can talk about applying or interviewing for some positions that have XYZ in common and then mention how and why this position seems particularly suitable. You've heard interviewers and hiring managers say that there are no right or wrong answers to calm you down before an interview. Instead, frame things in a way that shows that you're eager to take advantage of new opportunities and that the position you're interviewing for is more suitable for you.

The interviewer is probably asking because he wants to know if he has the competence to hire him. If you've recently graduated and have little or no experience on your resume, the employer may ask you a scenario-based question to give you an idea of how you would handle situations you haven't been in yet. Be honest, but do it professionally and consider any answers that might make it look like you're going to spend all your time focusing on something other than the work you're applying for.

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